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Published: 15th March 2011
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You should think about various aspects before deciding the color of the car that you want to buy. The preferences of color can strongly be influenced by aspects like economic and social conditions.



You should think about various aspects before deciding the color of the car that you want to buy. Some say consumer color preferences are strongly influenced by social and economic conditions. Attraction is to those with a bright color. Sports cars are said to be bet when painted red, as mentioned by one specific dealer.

Just because bright colored cars sell real quickly, they are priced a little more than normally colored cars. The trend of using bright colors like yellow first started in Malaysia and caught everyone?s attention immediately. One dealer said that generally, from what he observed of his customers, they can be broken down into two categories, the conservative and the flamboyant.

People are getting heavily influenced by new car magazines. Age and prestige also play an important role in being conservative. 80% of the masses fall under this category. Darker shades in big cars and lighter shades in small cars are the latest trend.

To be able to hide the color of the car a nice option is chose dark colors. Have you ever noticed that you can hardly ever find a Mercedes in a light color n the road? Many people think that using shades that are dark a help them attain a position in the society.

Find out about the various shades of black even if no one knows about them. The personality of the buyer is reflected in the car?s color.

Those who go for the silver are people who do not wish to stand out while those opting for blue are individuals who you can't miss even at night. Those who use blue black colors are ready to set the world on fire with their elegance.

Given below is a low down of all that psychiatrists have to say about various color choices in cars. Black indicates ambition and societal position and red defies enjoyment, power and impulsiveness. Those who chose white are either doctors or those who are very systematic. The good taste of people who chose grey is indicated and they are also very safe drivers.

Liking blue colored cars means that the person is very sociable but he has absolutely no way of being innovative. Orange is a fun color but it also shows that the owner loves to hang out with others as well as is very powerful. The color of yellow is quite famous because wise people and people who love to have fun go for this color. Green is liked by those who are always grounded and have a lot of patience. Golden cars symbolize people who have a lot of self confidence and who are silent.

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